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Documentation and Frequently Asked Questions


After reducing image size, page loading speed will improve, and thus, it will increase your page SEO ranking. While performing image compression, you have to keep in mind the quality of the image. There are two types:

Lossless - better quality, but smaller compression

Lossy - lower quality, but better compression


It can reduce the file size up to 85% of the original size. Thus it leads to better loading speed, better SEO, and user experience.

Alt text update

Alt text used within an HTML code to describe the appearance and function of an image on a page. Adding alternative text to photos is, first and foremost, a principle of web accessibility. Using alt text on your images can make for better user experience, it may also help earn you SEO benefits.

You can revert any changes you made, if you don't like it. Depending on your plan, we store history for 10, 60, 160 days.

Image rename

You can rename images with predefined templates. Or you can create your own template. Optimize image names with your keyword phrases. This will improve your Image SEO.


The app is easy to use, but if you need help, you can contact us via email or social media.